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Litecoin Foundation launching a community crowdfunded system to pitch ideas for funding and development

This system would be similar to Monero's []( , where developers can pitch their Litecoin ecosystem ideas to get funding from the community. ​ The main idea is: 1. The community propose project ideas, which are then debated and filtered. 2. The project leaders then solicit donations from the community by themselves. Once the project’s escrow account held by the foundation gets fully funded, the project starts. 3. The project leaders give reports to the community at each milestone of the project. The Litecoin Foundation release the funds in the project’s escrow account accordingly. 4. When all milestones are completed and all funds released, the project is finished. ​ Here's a link to the forum post: []( There's also a donation address to support development of this crowdfunding system --- we're already half way there in donations as of this reddit post.
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