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If Litecoin ever gets its own ETF, here are 8 reasons to instill confidence with traditional investors

If it ever gets its own ETF you can be sure it'll be under more scrutiny. People (haters) will knock it and say its a test net, spreading fear and doubt. **Here are 8 features we can list that'll instill confidence in traditional investors** Made in 2011 (never hacked) Runs On Lightning Network Atomic Swaps with Bitcoin 4x faster than Bitcoin Confidential Tx Strongest In Scrypt Mining Rootstock MAST Its really important we as a community continuously mindful of these so newcomers know what they're getting with litecoin. We take a conservative approach to our features, unlike many coins/projects that are daring and throw caution to the wind when updating their code base, which is risky and not something you'd want to invest in. Litecoin is a sound investment in the decentralized future.
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