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📣Haven 1.2.14 “Soul Glo” released

Today we’re excited to release verison 1.2.14, ‘Soul Glo’… just let your listings shine through!

Just let it shine through…

Ok, here’s what’s in the release:

⭐️ Refreshing Discover

The Discover or Shop tab, which is the ‘front page’ of the app, has had a design refresh. It will allow us to feature cool listings and stores more easily, while optimising the performance and discoverability of great listings in popular categories.

⭐️ Share listings to the feed Tapping on the preview will take you directly to the listing.

We’re very excited to release the ability to share listings to the social feed. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen members of the community posting links to a listing, or attaching photos in the hope that other users would visit their store and open their listing. Personally, I’ve discovered lots of great listings that way, so this feature was an obvious thing to build.

To share a listing, you can paste in an link to a listing, or better yet, share the listing within Haven directly to the social feed. You can share other people’s listings as well as your own!

Tapping the ‘Share’ icon (middle icon, top right) in a listing will give you the option to share it to the social feed, or externally to another app (or copy it to the clipboard).

🤗 Follow people within a chat conversation

If you’re chatting with someone in Haven, you used to have to navigate to their store to hit the follow button. It was an unnecessary extra step that you can now take within a chat conversation:

Tap the 3 dots to select the option to follow a user. ⛔️ Block users in the feed Tap the 3 dots of a post to select the option to report or block a user.

Are someone’s posts annoying you in the feed? No problem! Now you can easily block them to prevent seeing their content.

Navigate to the Settings-Blocked screen to manage who you’re blocking.

🐞 Minor bugfixes We’ve fixed an incorrect badge count for ...
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