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Going to TwitchCon with the intent to inform people on crypto (BTC/LTC) NEED TIPS!

Hey guys, Throwaway/new account because I don't want to be known before I go, for whatever reason. I am going to TwitchCon this October 18th and I will be wearing a shirt that reads "Ask me about Bitcoin and Litecoin" with their symbols and tickers on it. I intend to sharpen my "meeting new people" skills, and also inform people about crypto in general. I plan to stick to BTC/LTC but will have information on Ethereum. I will explain that I do not support Ethereum but I want to be able to offer at least a little insight on it, if they're interested. I have already decided to look at the collection of videos available from Andreas, but I was wondering if maybe my buddies on Reddit have any tips on some topics I should brush up on. I am only 1 year into crypto but I am very enthusiastic in it. My position is not big but I plan to put some money into it every paycheck I get. Interview after I get back from TCon, wish me luck! Thanks for reading, will post pics of shirt soon
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