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Fungibility and Litecoin

I've been setting up the newly released Mustard Wallet ( a port of Wasabi to LTC) and was doing a bit of a research on the subject.. Wasabi and other coinjoin methods use something called Zero Link framework to ensure that traceability is not established for UTXOs. If the Mustard Wallet succeeds like Wasabi , how does this affect the MW upgrade ? I understand that MimbleWimble will use sidechains for anonymization. Or is this a double win for the fungibility of LTC? Wasabi coordinators charge a fee of 0.0003% for using a centralised mixing and anonymization service which is trustless. None the less there have been attacks theorized when the coordinator in the coinjoin process becomes malicious and may lead to de-anonymization of the addresses. I'm super excited.. Fungibility make virtual currencies behave like cash. The future looks good.
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