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F*ck Jamie Dimon!!!

currency industry such as Alex Gurevich, former JPMorgan executive and head global macro, told Dimon:

“Jamie, you’re a great boss and the greatest of all-time (GOAT) bank CEO. You’re not a trader or tech entrepreneur. Please, STFU about trading bitcoin.”

Other experts within the bitcoin sector including Bitcoin Core Peter Todd, who were also shocked by Dimon’s baseless and illogical comments on bitcoin, criticized Dimon for his lack of knowledge in the asset class. Todd stated:

“Hey Jamie: next time you want to write something about how awful Bitcoin is, let me ghostwrite it. I can do a much better job than you.”

In his statement, Todd emphasized a comment made by Dimon which read “eventually, it [bitcoin] will be closed.” It has been evident for the past eight years that bitcoin cannot be closed or shut down by centralized entities due to its decentralized and distributed nature. Its global ecosystem of miners and node operators specifically prevent the closure of the network from occurring.

Former Facebook executive and Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital Anthony Pompliano, also criticized Dimon for the fraudulent activities JPMorgan has been convicted of.

“The bank CEO (Jamie Dimon) who had to pay $13 billion for causing the housing crisis just called Bitcoin a fraud I’ve literally seen it all,” said Pompliano, referring to the $13 billion fine imposed by US financial regulators over fraudulent mortgages.

Many analysts and experts suggest that Dimon had made such comments on bitcoin to protect JPMorgan’s ongoing blockchain development, research and operations.

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