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Electrum-LTC with regular-only fees?

I would like to know if there is a lightweight client (200 GB HDD, 150kbps Internet) similar to Electrum-LTC, but that only makes you pay the Litecoin Network fees only, or an option in Electrum-LTC that only makes you pay fees for the Litecoin Network only. With the fees of the Litecoin Network, I mean the fees you normally pay on the original Litecoin Core. Apparently, depending on your transactions, Electrum makes the transaction fees cheaper or more expensive. I want to use Litecoin Core because of the little fees you have to pay, but I am not sure my computer will let me use Litecoin Core peacefully. I am going to start Internet class very soon, but if I stop using Litecoin Core for at least a month, it will be a nightmare to catch up again with the blockchain, because I yet have to download 23 weeks worth of blockchain, and I am taking more than 4 weeks to download the entire blockchain.
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