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Coinbase advice for a noob?

Okay full disclosure: I bought a small amount of LTC at near enough it’s all time high expecting a trip to the moon... and, well you know how that’s going... I currently have 1.5 LTC in Litewallet (formerly Loafwallet) which to be honest it’s a miracle that I managed to buy and move it to there because I don’t understand a damn thing about how LTC works. So, I’m going to sell soon if/when the price creeps up a little. 1. I bought via coinbase so I already have an account there, is that going to be the best place to sell? 2. Would it be reasonably safe to move my LTC to my coinbase wallet so it’s ready to sell when the time comes? I know “not your keys, not your coins” but I’m talking about a relatively small value for hopefully a short time
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