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Can Someone Explain?

Ok, I'm not trolling or being stupid, I actually want to hear an argument from someone who believes: why is litecoin going to succeed? From where I am standing, litecoin doesn't seem to have an obvious purpose. It does exactly what Bitcoin does, just slightly faster. It is just as volatile, and much much less liquid and accessible. For instance, if you look at dark markets, and other internet sources, they all accept bitcoin and monero, and some accept bitcoin cash. Almost no one accepts litecoin. Stores don't accept it, businesses don't accept it, etc. Yes, there is some news here and there, but overall, in the real world litecoins market share is about 1% that of bitcoin, and they do the same thing. There are no added features whatsoever. This whole idea that bitcoin is gold and litecoin is silver, what's up with that? How does that make any sense? If you want larger block size, do bitcoin cash. If you want faster transactions, do lightning, or even ether. If you want stability, do Dai. If you want anonymity, do monero or bitcoin (done right, bitcoin can be extremely anonymous). Even Dash has a more interesting value proposition than litecoin, it has some privacy features, and a treasury, and can actually fund things in the real world. I really don't understand. Someone, anyone, why is litecoin going to be a success?
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