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BlockFi - LTC Staking Help

I've just staked my first crypto (LTC) on BlockFi to earn small amounts of passive income, and I still need to get my head around a couple of things... apologies if these are stupid questions! \- My shares have gone from my Spot page on Binance, onto BlockFi. Are my assets still gaining value if the price of LTC increases? (**They've dissapeared off of Binance so what platform/exchange are they actually gaining value on?** On BlockFi?) \- Let's say for example LTC hits $500 and I wish to cash out my investment. Do I do this directly on BlockFi, or do I send my assets back to my Binance address to cash out there? \- I ran a test trade on BlockFi, LTC to USDT, but the market rate was a few dollars lower than Binance's live rate. Would you recommend *not* cashing out on BlockFi, and instead transferring the funds back to Binance exchange, and performing any trades on their advanced trading page? Thanks for any help.
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