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Best ideas to earn money online in 2019

As the digital world is booming at a rapid speed with billions of users across the globe. There are lot many opportunities over the web for people to make tons of money. As you can see more than half of the population of world are internet users. Therefore through the internet we can reach people and offer our solutions to their problems. 

The best ways to make money online

Blogging is one of the best ways of earning online. To start a blog the most important thing needed is passion, interest and creativity then only you can succeed in blogging world. Once people start loving your content then you will be able to see cash flow coming in into your pocket.

To start a blog you need a platform because platform will connect your ideas and express your thoughts to the world. The most sort after platforms are blogger, wordpress, weebly, wix and a lot more. If you are a new bee to blogging then I would suggest first to go for free blog sites like and blogger.  Make yourself comfortable with functioning and usability of these platforms and then move onto site. Register your account with your own domain name and host provider. Once you have published 20-25 blogs in your website with good number of views then apply for google-adsense account. Once you get the approval then google will be placing ads on your site. For every click on the ad you will be paid. That’s how blogging helps make money. 3. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is really cool. You do the promotional activity like advertising and marketing of a particular product through different channels like social media, email or through ads on your own website. Once the product gets sold through your link then you get a big commission out of it.

You must have heard of clickbank. They provide you commission upto 80 %. They have clickbank passive program which teaches you affiliate marketing with practical exposure and pratical earning which means l...

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