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There is a cartel among the Top 101 delegates and The Lisk Foundation Needs to fix it Because the system is broken.

Lisk Elite has for a long time been stingy with their payouts but are now once again demanding that another member be voted in. This time it's a someone by the name of "carbonara", which I do not know. Has he earned his place to be a delegate? I do not know. Could there have been another who would have been more suited to be among the 101 forging delegates? I do not know. Had he not been able to claim that spot had there been free competition? I do not know. Maybe he's an alright guy, maybe he's not. I do not know. What I do know is that all of us who want to maximize our Lisk payouts are forced to vote for this guy carbonara with 1 Lisk that then goes to the forging delegates. If we don't vote for him we miss out on forging rewards from the Lisk Elite group, something which also was very poorly communicated by them. The Lisk Elite group have my email but the only thing they did was post a message on their website, and who really visits that all the time? So what are they counting on here? They are counting on lots of people keeping their votes as they are and then they have an excuse to keep the forging rewards for themselves because we didn't vote for their new favorite member. Is this fair and ethical behavior? I think not. I have to ask, what's to stop the Lisk Elite group from continuing this behavior until they control all the top 101 delegates and can never be taken down? Will they then set the forging payout to 10%? 5%? 1%? Will they change their members every week so we have to vote with 1 Lisk every week and give them even more Lisk? I appreciate that delegates who help secure the network should be rewarded for their efforts, and I'm not sure that something like 90% payouts are sustainable. I'm not asking for the impossible, but this is getting out of hand. We're quickly getting into a situation where in the future you might end up similar to BTC Core vs The BTC Miners, and that relationship hasn't been exactly painless. I would strongly urge the The ...
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