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The Future Of Tezos After Mainnet Launch And Why DPoS Matters | Crypto Insider

Tezos officially launched its mainnet on Monday, September 17, signifying the end of the beta testing phase of the world’s first “self-amending” cryptocurrency. According to the press release, the Tezos Foundation had to take care of certain issues after the genesis block commenced the beta phase in June. These included issues of unscheduled downtimes and adjustments. The network’s prowess in handling over 400 validators and building tools to help increase community engagement over this period, has driven the move to launch its mainnet – ready for adoption and use.

According to the network, the mainnet launch does not signify a complete overhaul of the Tezos blockchain. Meaning, there are no big changes to either the network or the development of new features. But some minor impacts were felt before and after the mainnet launch. The price of Tezos skyrocketed more than 30 percent after the foundation announced the launch of the mainnet a week earlier. Data from CoinMarketCap indicated that its price rose from $1.30 24 hours before the declaration to $1.66 a day after.

One week after the launch, the Tezos blockchain seems to be doing fine. In a tweet, Emin Gun Sirer, Professor at Cornell University and an advisor to Tezos congratulated the project for the mainnet launch with the word “uneventful”.

Congrats to the @Tezos team on their mainnet going live! Looking to see how the system will fare through the first day. "Uneventful" is the best word in the dictionary as far as launches go. — Emin Gün Sirer (@el33th4xor) September 17, 2018

So far, the network is doing well, with Tezos scan registering a new block every minute.

The future of the Tezos Network

Tezos is a smart contract ready ecosystem built for decentralized applications. Designed to be a self-amending blockchain network, its infrastructure utilizes a special kind of Proof of Stake called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). The consensus mechanism provides all members o...

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