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New updates to the Lisk Roadmap! 🔵🛣️

Dear community, We made a few updates to our [roadmap page]( to **make the development of SDK more responsive to developer feedback, prioritize improvements to our DPoS, plus a few organizational changes.** First up, our roadmap page now only contains protocol objectives, which are researched, specified and implemented as defined in the Lisk Improvement Proposal (LIP) process. The title of the roadmap page was changed to “Protocol Roadmap” to reflect this change. Most “Elements”, “Core” and “Commander” objectives on the previous roadmap page were related to protocol changes resulting in redundancy and making it harder to quickly grasp the important changes. From now on, the additional objectives towards the Lisk SDK will instead be identified as issues, and organized into milestones and releases on [GitHub]( **This will enable a more agile approach when developing the Lisk SDK. It also gives the flexibility to incorporate user feedback collected by our Developer Relations team into the development process.** The Lisk SDK phases that we previously defined in the roadmap (Alpha, Beta, RC and Production SDK) will also be signaled together with the corresponding milestone or release on GitHub. Secondly, we removed the three roadmap phases – “Inception”, “Quality and Performance”, “Architecture and Design.” **This is because these phases were all successfully completed with the launch of the Alpha SDK.** Thirdly, the roadmap phase “Delegated Proof of Stake” was renamed to “Network Consensus” and the “Network Longevity” and “Network Consensus” were switched. **The community feedback we received suggests that the improvements of our DPoS system are more important for most community members than, for example, implementing a new ID system.** That is why we prioritize the “Network Consensus” roadmap phase. Fourthly, we removed the “ICOs and Custom Tokens” phase because we chose to m...
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