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Lisk Week in Review – 4 - Lisk Magazine

Featuring in this news update:

–  Lisk News on Japan crypto media Coinpost; – SDK Development update; – DEX Project updates; – Two blockchain events at Lisk Center Utrecht; – Delegates’ overview

Lisk News on Japan crypto media Coinpost Lisk Japan, in cooperation with Coinpost (Japan’s leading cryptocurrency media), will post featured articles on Lisk for about a year. The articles will be focused on “Dynamic Fee”, “New DPoS”, “Sidechain”, and some existing Dapps will be explained and introduced based on the developers’ own opinions. According to SimilarWeb, Coinpost has about 1 million visitors per month and its Twitter account counts on 74,000 followers.


SDK Development update LiskHQ completed the “Security and Reliability” phase, identifying some issues (related to BFT & DPoS) and adding some improvements. When the full phase of quality assurance will be completed and the network will maintain a stable state, the team will announce the public beta network. Read the documentation for Lisk SDK here.

What’s new at #Lisk? SDK 3.0.0 has completed the second round of alphanet testing, Desktop 1.23.0 has been released and we launched the #LiskBuilders Program! Read on with November’s #LiskDevUpdate: — Lisk (@LiskHQ) December 5, 2019


DEX Project updates Jonathan Gros-Dubois finished the HTTP API for his DEX project. It allows browsing the decentralized order book for pending orders and supports advanced filtering and pagination.


Two blockchain events at Lisk Center Utrecht The first meetup of the week (9th December) at LCU consists of a workshop for people who find blockchain interesting but have no knowledge at all. The goals of the event are to provide basic principles about blockchain tech, insight about the ecosystem and explain the economic consequences of the introduction of cryptocurrencies. It will start at 3pm and end at 6pm. The second one will de...

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