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Lisk Week in Review – 18 - Lisk Magazine

Featured in this news update:

– Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (February) – Top third-party multi-currency wallets – Monthly GDT bounty for top Lisk PoCs – Max Kordek interviewed by Japanese crypto youtuber – Lisk Magazine launches a LSK charity fundraising for Coronavirus – Delegates’ overview

Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (February) According to the report, the Foundation holds € 5.1 million and CHF 2 million. In addition, it owns 2,776 BTC, 62,000 GBYTE and 8.9 million LSK (no changes in crypto assets since the last report). This means that the total assets correspond to about $ 30 million. In February the Lisk Foundation received € 958,000+ from Lightcurve GmbH due to old open receivables. In relation to the monthly expenses, the picture below summarizes the costs linked with each department:


Top third-party multi-currency wallets LiskHQ released a blog post, featuring the most trustworthy wallets  with the best user experience, that can be used to store LSK and other cryptocurrencies. As non-custodial wallets they chose Exodus, a desktop and mobile wallet which supports LSK and over 100 other cryptocurrencies; Atomic Wallet, a wallet which offers built-in atomic swaps and supports over 500 cryptocurrencies; Guarda Wallet, a open-source web, desktop and mobile wallet which supports over 80 cryptocurrencies. Two suggested custodial third-party wallets are: Abra and Bitpanda.


Monthly GDT bounty for top Lisk PoCs Moosty, on behalf of GDT, announced to start a monthly fund, up to 2000LSK for each project, to finance the development of Lisk POCs. There is no focus on a specific theme and GDT will choose the best project every first week of the month. The chosen project needs to be finished in 4-6 weeks after the announcement. Projects already selected by LiskHQ builders program are not elibigle. Apply now:


Max Kordek interviewed...

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