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Lisk Nano 1.1.0 Release - Rewritten in React for Improved Performance

Lisk Nano 1.1.0 — Rewritten in React for Improved Performance

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of our desktop client, Lisk Nano. The main goal of this release was to completely rewrite the application into React, a modern front-end framework. React puts Nano in a better position in terms of performance, testability, and ease of development.


With the previously used framework AngularJS, we were hitting performance limits. An example of this being the table of delegates in the Voting tab. Users are able to load more delegates by scrolling down the table, but with 1000+ delegates on the main net, the app started responding slowly. After the migration, this table is now optimized and capable of flawlessly listing thousands of delegates.


We started to use Redux for state management of the application. An important part of the state of the application is data that is not yet stored on the blockchain, like pending transactions or delegates selected for voting. Redux allows us to easily preserve this data regardless of where the user goes in the application. Specifically, it means that users can select some delegates for voting, then navigate through the application and finally come back to voting, with the selected delegates still there.

Development with future releases in mind

React, as a modern component-based front-end framework, clearly structured the source code into small presentable components and separated business logic in Redux store. It puts us in a great position to add countless new features in the future, whilst maintaining a well-structured and stringently-tested code-base. Ultimately, this release leads to higher productivity of development, so you can get new features sooner.

Speaking of new features, we are already developing Nano 1.2. Our next version will introduce a seamless way to share a list of delegates for voting. Furthermore, being as inclusive as possi...

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