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Lisk Magazine's Development Update and Next Plans

Disclaimer: this is a self-promoting post

Since January 24th, the day of the official launch of Lisk Magazine, our eyes have been focused day and night on Lisk. Each Reddit post has been read, each tweet and chat message was under our radar.

We felt the same emotions that enveloped the community: angry for the delays, happy for the release of Core 1.0, surprised for the many Lisk initiatives from the marketing side (Vlogs, Ambassador Program, AMA..), uncertain about the tech development, positive about the growth of the team, with many fresh new faces along the year.

But the Lightcurve’s initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg, because the real iceberg is the community and its foundamental contributions.

First, we have to thank you the Lisk Italian Group, that supports the Magazine since the initial launch. In these 8 months we worked hard to report the most promising community initiatives, with 70+ original articles. More than 11.000 readers passed through the Magazine, generating 26 thousands pageviews, while in Twitter our posts reached 200.000+ views. We are very proud of these numbers, but we know that we could do much more than this. We know that many keen people didn’t receive the visibility that they deserve.

After an accurate analysis, we are honored to announce that Lisk Magazine is now officialy a Lisk candidate delegate: 9608993805470879912L. Become a forging delegate will allow us to hire professional content writers, marketing/social managers and develop a structured business on top of it. New sections will be added, from video materials to podcasts, from trading analysis to tech focus. The delegate will share 55% of the forged rewards to its voters.

In addition Lisk Magazine joins Lisk Ascend, as it shares the vision and the core values with this group. On top of our Magazine’s development plan, we aim at secure the Lisk network and create a stronger relationship with voters and stakeholder...

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