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[Lisk Magazine] Lisk Mobile has Been Released: Learn More About the Official Lisk Wallet

Lisk Mobile is online!

The Lisk Mobile project was initially announced in June of this year, as part of the overall strategy to develop a different user interface to facilitate the adoption and use of Lisk.

In a blog post, the Lisk team announced the official release of the app on the 4th of October, 2018.

📱🚀We’re pleased to announce the release of #Lisk Mobile. You can now access our wallet and perform various network functions straight from your smartphone. Download the app and explore many exciting features now!iOS➡️➡️ — Lisk (@LiskHQ) October 4, 2018

The app is available to download both on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The development of Lisk Mobile is a great step towards increased adoption as it allows users to have a Lisk wallet installed in all their smartphones. The app has been developed focusing on offering “a limited feature-set with a special focus on immersive user experience”. 

The app allows users to create and sign into a Lisk account, transfer, receive and request LSK, get an overview of your account activity and explore individual transactions.

The team also released a one minute video to learn more about Lisk Mobile:

The basic features in this first release will be complemented by new updates of the app, introducing more features in four main categories – mantaining a strong focus on security and user experience.


Access via biometric authentication Continuous sign-in Backup of the account’s passphrase Increased test-coverage


A more elaborative welcome screen Dynamic on-boarding Tooltips and support from anywhere within the application


Incognito mode (to hide LSK values and/or Lisk IDs) Night mode


Notifications for confirmed outgoing transactions Notifications for incoming transactions Bookmarked accounts

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