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Lisk Directory Blockchain Becomes a PoC Lisk Sidechain - Lisk Magazine

The Moosty Group recently published a white paper to show their latest creation: Lisk Directory Blockchain. This article will present an overview of the project, explaining its purpose and how it is structured.

Lisk Directory Blockchain is a Proof of Concept sidechain built using the Lisk SDK and it is aimed at easily showing skills and motivations of a delegate, providing a system to select delegates for a new chain and vote for delegates on a specific network. It is based on a Proof of Motivation protocol in order to encourage transparency and proof of skill.

Lisk Directory Blockchain has been designed to meet one of the new challenges that arose after the release of Lisk SDK (which has been discussed in this article) and the resulting sidechains: the reliability and security of the new networks. This new tool allows delegate candidates to register the information they want to share on the blockchain. Community members, on the other side, can navigate through the available delegates and make their choice.

The Moosty Group highlighted several problems that affect community members and sidechain builders, such as the fact that they don’t have a decentralized and trusted system to determine whether a delegate is in line with their vision of the future. In brief, the shortcomings can be summarized as follows: 1) lack of a standard for the selection of delegates; 2) lack of information about the willingness of a certain delegate to support startups or specific goals; 3) lack of a system to attract people with the right skills in the new blockchain/community; 4) lack of a transparent and trustful way to establish with certainty whether a delegate on a sidechain is related to a delegate on another chain.

Lisk Directory is a solution to all the problems mentioned above, providing a “marketplace” to get information about delegates. It is based on four categories of information: 1) delegate information accessibility; 2) levels of knowledge an...

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