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Lisk Alpha SDK 2.1.0 released - A New Exciting Phase Begins - Lisk Magazine

On 24th July, the new era for Lisk began with the launch of the Alpha SDK. This article highlights the main features and the instructions to start using the tool.

In this new phase the mission to enable the realization of decentralized, efficient, and transparent blockchain applications is on its way. In fact, the new Lisk SDK 2.1.0, officially announced in this blog post, will be a powerful tool available to developers. Moreover, the release celebrates the beginning of the Alpha SDK on the Lisk roadmap. Developers will be able to design their own proof-of-concept blockchain applications and their voice will be taken into account in the development of the SDK.

Today, Lisk changed. With the release of the Lisk SDK we are entering a new era for the project. I would like to congratulate and thank my whole team for achieving this huge milestone together with me and my great partner @Karmacrypto. 🤝🎉 Without them Lisk would not be. ❤️ — Max Kordek (@MaxKordek) July 24, 2019

Regarding the architecture of the SDK, developers explained that it has been planned to be flexible, in order to fit a large number of blockchain application types. The story of the Lisk SDK started with the LIP 5 proposal, which was presented in this article, even if minor changes to the initial schedule have been made. Specifically, the system component has been designed as part of the application controller, in order to avoid having an inconsistent application condition spread across different modules within the application. In addition, the new concept of public versus private actions has been introduced, providing a higher level of security. This means that the first group of operations (remote procedure calls) can be executed from other machines on the Lisk network, while some others are limited to the local machine only.

The SDK offers the opportunity to customize the blockchain to suit specific purposes, including the change of protocol parameters and custom bu...

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