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"KyleFromOhio" Summary of Some of My LISK Reddit Answers

Hi, I am... Kyle From Ohio

LISK Infographic Mentioned:

In this video I discuss the LISK cryptocurrency and it's javascript framework for building decentralized apps, sidechains, and more!

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LISK: 11291277487269244940L

Bitcoin: 1M79nAq1XVq87QThZL7oaznrrgnXbCZRFt
Litecoin: LQV7FSQHq5B2Th316ft5KpQE4Hym5HdCDP
Ethereum: 0x970555E00908A4b488C81FE0C49c65EEd22b724e
Dash: XnJ8Fkgr2MPQYvwQ44AeekcmFEEaq8togm

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