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In defense of happyclone from

Hey Lisk team, since this is the 78th time you talk about how rebranding is being pushed back, I assume your project is having a hard time executing so I decided to draft up an answer for you personally. Here's what I got from the reply from Thomas. No I am not happyclone, I am just defending a fellow community member and being real about the rebranding fiasco. * Lisk team is getting annoyed that they are getting asked about rebranding so much. Honestly it's their fault for hyping it up like it's going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Before the Lisk team gets all sassy they should take a step back and realize that hey they missed their deadline many times and acknowledge that. No need to humiliate a fellow community member. * "Rebranding" is nowhere close to being done. It's not going to be done in October, November or December. Let's keep our expectations low and expect it around March. Look, I get it, software projects miss deadlines all the time.
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