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"Halving" incoming 18th Nov 2017

According to my calculation, LSK reward per block will decrease from 5 LSK/ block to 4 LSK/ block in mid Nov 2017. It sounds like not really much but actually, for all those voters out there, it means we would lose 20% of our "incomes". As SDK and rebranding are soon-to-come, I would suspect this would drive up the price of LSK a lot (assuming the whole market doesn't crash because of the BTC drama 25th Oct - BTC Gold - and 18th Nov - Segwit2x). We would also see more DAPPS created --> require LSK to be "burned" to create sidechain. Just want to inform you guy about the date :) around 17 - 18th Nov 2018. Mark your calendar, Liskers! I have written an in-depth analysis here if you are interested:
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