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Endro Joins GDT Pool to Boost his Involvement in the Lisk World

The Global Delegate Team announced (through @forrest) on Discord (this platform is becoming the official main chat) that Endro has been added in their group. We contacted the new entry to ask him some interesting questions and find out more about the details of this decision.

Endro is the founder of Lisk Discovery,  a platform with many tools for the Lisk’s community and delegates. We already interviewed him in this article, after that he started to work full time on Lisk projects. Endro is replacing Philhellmuth in the GDT pool, so now it is required to vote for “endro” delegate in addition to other GDT delegates in order to remain Gold member and receive the full reward. Since August 20th it will be mandatory to vote for him. The 1LSK voting fee is refunded to wallets who will vote for Endro and are already Gold level voters.

Here are the questions asked to Endro:

Did GDT contact you or was it an initiative from you? We initially started talking a few days ago, when GDT asked me if I would be interested in a position that opened up in the group. Around a year ago, Hirish joined GDT but the selection process was different at the time because anyone could apply for the open position by filling in a form. I submitted my application in that selection process, so I approached GDT in that sense.

Did you already have previous collaborations with GDT or some of its members? 5an1ty, Alepop, Bioly, mrv, me (endro) and a lot of other really cool developers in GDT are part of Lisk Builders, a sub-community of delegates that are developers, entrepreneurs and public speakers. There are a lot of tools being build, discussions being done on how to approach certain technical issues and lots of other cool stuff.

Why did you choose to be added in the GDT team? I always had the feeling that GDT would be a perfect fit for my delegate profile. The team consists of a strong set of developers and helps the community a lot. The com...

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