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Development Update 🖥October 4, 2018

Development Update — October 4, 2018

Hello Lisk Community,

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for the Lightcurve Development Team. Our User Interfaces department celebrated the release of our new mobile wallet. Lisk Mobile provides a brand new way for users to interact with our network while on the go. Work has continued across our suite of products including testing, refactoring and working on new features as detailed below.

Lisk Core

1.1 — During QA on Core, we identified several additional bugs which have been mainly introduced by new features in v1.1. This led to work on the following issues;

Changes to the voting processing logic to ignore address ‘collision scenarios’ ( ‘Forging_statistics’ endpoint is returning different results compared to v0.9.16 due to the inconsistent rounding precision ( Differences in vote column ‘mem_accounts’ whilst syncing from scratch ( Errors in the amount checks which are part of the verify function of transactions type 6 and 7 — DApp in and out transfers (

You can track the development progress of these issues here. After the mentioned bugs have been fixed, another QA round for v1.1 will be scheduled. On successful completion of that QA round, Lisk Core 1.1 will be ready for release to Testnet. Once 1.1 is on Testnet for at least a week, if no further bugs are identified, we will be able to proceed to Mainnet. When v1.1 is on Testnet, we will kindly ask users to test the new release and provide feedback.

1.2 — As soon as Lisk Core v1.1 is released to Testnet, the QA phase of Lisk Core v1.2 will begin. To find out more about Lisk Core v1.2 features, please visit our previous LiskDevUpdate.

Lisk Elements

1.1 — We continue to work on this release, which will introduce a ‘mono repo’ style of package m...

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