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Creating new private key using lisk core API 0.9?

I've been trying to make sense of it for the past hour but I can't really figure it out. I've got Core running and the API seems to work and based on the documentation I think I'm running the 0.9 version of the API. In the documentation It shows how to create a public key from a private key but not how to use the API to generate a private key, can anoyone explain how would you go about doing that? I'm sorry if this is annoying but I've tried my best to find it on my own and simply can't PS: I am not pro at this stuff, just trying to learn more about blockchain development and LISK seems like a good place to start as it is based on javascript, I wanna play around and make basic apps thats all. Correct me if I've missed something obvious :) EDIT: Seems as though any BIP39 code that is 12 words will work? cool EDIT2: Yup got it working using a BIP39 generator
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