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Changing my delegate private reward - Shoutout to all delegates

Earlier this week Marc from Blockchain030 ( []( ) helpt to create an entire Workshop for the LCU. He didnt knew anything about Lisk and he was not invested. He started reading the Lisk github on Tuesday, rented 10 cloud servers, installed the SDK and dependencies, wrote down a workshop agenda and did all the preprations to host an event at the LiskCenter on Thursday. I have great respect for him doing this and like to thank Marc again for all his efforts. His only motivation was to get handson experience with a new technology, to educate himself and help others. Afterwards, I asked Marc to create a private LSK wallet for me to send him 200 LSK for the work he did. The workshop also resulted in me being able to send 11x feedback to HQ (Mona) about the SDK documentation and 7x overall feedback to Mat. Marc and I thought of 4 different skill-level Workshops to work out for the future. ​ Now that the alpha SDK is out people can more easily start to experiment with Lisk. I am not a developer, but even I can copy and paste the examples in the HQ documentation and send feedback what can be improved to make things more clear for others. ​ As of today I will share 600 LSK to the community via the GDTpool. My other donations will go to people that add value by building in anyway possible. In my opinion sharing rewards this way is much more beneficial for everybody, creators and investors. The only way the LSK token will get more adoption is to create value via use cases. It is a bad strategy to keep sending private reward tokens between wallets and just hope one day we will see another altcoin hypecycle. Rewards should go to people that act now. Creating examles and ideas will show the world that Lisk can be the tool to use for their blockchain-project. ​ I hope more delegates will join me and reallocate their fund distribution to make a change and encourage the communit...
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