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Beginner’s Guide to Lisk

Lisk is one of the numerous available blockchain application platforms which was created in early 2016, it is designed to allow developers to create their own decentralized apps – similar in function to Ethereum or NEO.

It relies on its very own network of the blockchain along with a designated token, known as LSK. The developers behind Lisk hope that it allows other developers to create as well as distribute and manage blockchain applications of a decentralized nature. To do so, these developers will deploy their sidechains that are linked to the network of Lisk and its custom token. Because sidechains are flexible, developers have complete customization of their own blockchain applications with Lisk.

When Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows took a look at the blockchain industry following multiple years within it, they realized that developer adoption was lacking. They took this as a sign that blockchain technology wasn’t accessible enough. They then worked to develop Lisk as a way to simplify and accelerate the development of the blockchain framework.

Lisk codebase was actually forked from another project named Crypti, which the two developers were part of for 18 months which was eventually closed down:

However, for the ultimate goal the available financial reserves were simply not enough to develop the idea to its fullest extent, even though it was managed extremely carefully. Oliver and I saw the potential and decided to take over, giving Crypti holders an exit opportunity. How Does Lisk Stand Out?

There are numerous developer tools and blockchain application platforms, so it is natural to wonder what makes Lisk unique. Lisk hopes to stand out with its accessibility, which is thanks to the Software Development Kit written using JavaScript. Lisk also focuses on the user experience, unlike existing platforms, as well as in-depth documentation and developer support.

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