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🌀 August 2019 Recap 🌀

**📌Lisk SDK:** * **Lisk SDK 2.3.0** released along with two patches (2.3.1 and 2.3.2). * The above releases are focused on the new partial mesh network topology. * We explore the **Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus** the team is working on for the next versions of Lisk SDK. ​ **📌UI:** * Lisk Hub 1.20.0 was released with the **Ledger Nano X hardware wallet support.** * Lisk Hub 1.21.0 has finished development, will **contain German language support and a discreet mode.** * Lisk Mobile 1.2.1 is out, includes a **crucial BTC crash fix.** * Lisk 1.3.0 is in development, includes various **performance and UX improvements.** ​ **📌Lisk Research:** * The entire Lisk Research Team attended the Web3Summit * Jan Hackfeld, Head of Research at Lisk, **presented a comparison of consensus algorithms and ways to incentivize an honest consensus participation**, as part of the Blockchain Nights series at the Weizenbaum Institute. * “Improve multisignature solution” and “Change to one vote per account” LIPs have been published to the [research forum]( for review. ​ **📌Lisk Community:** * **Lisk Bike:** Lisk Center Utrecht community members Jonathan, Marc, Eric and Albert are working on **Lisk.Bike**, a proof-of-concept application built using the Alpha SDK. * **Sidechain Solutions:** Community members StellarDynamic, Tony, Koreben3, Lemii, Jackson Roberts and Matthew set up SideChain Solutions, providing tools, proof-of-concepts, and tutorials for the Lisk Ecosystem. * **Korben3** launched the incredibly handy Lisk Node Monitor Bot, a tool providing updates on nodes missing blocks straight to Telegram, making maintaining performant nodes more convenient. * **Lisk Directory: Moosty** released their whitepaper for Lisk Directory 0.2, a sidechain project bringing greater transparency to delegate contributions. ​ **📌Marketing:** * **Events:** Lisk Alpha SDK Webinar #1, focused on customer transactions, was ho...
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