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⚡️🎉 Announcing Lisk Observer, the Lisk interchain explorer!

Hello! 👋 ​ In the last months we have been busy building our own dapp ecosystem ahead of the launch of Lisk V5, in order to be ready to kickstart with the new Lisk release. ​ Today we are happy to announce **Lisk Observer** 🔍 []( ​ **Lisk Observer 🔍** is an interchain realtime blockchain explorer for Lisk. **Its like a Etherscan of Lisk** where you can "observe" the whole Lisk blockchain and its sidechains. ​ The real power of the Lisk Observer is the GraphQL server on the backend, that enables the connected clients to receive the data in realtime via websockets, without pooling data. The backend queries the blockchain directly at the Postgres level, without going through multiple REST bottlenecks, reporting it directly to the clients. This also enables us to quickly develop and adapt for new features on the data layer. Nevertheless, GraphQL (developed by Facebook) is becoming the new standard for APIs, just the way React did for the frontend. ​ We were planning to launch the Observer after Lisk V5, along with the other developments, and not today, but given that 4miners’s explorer has been not working for a while, the changes in the delegates affiliations etc, we felt the need to push this product out and port it to V2. ​ Currently we are working on integrating the Lisk sidechains, therefore, we are developing a Leasehold & Lisk-Dex integration and designing the process in a way that is scalable for every new Lisk sidechain. ​ In case you are a delegate and you want to brand your account with your avatar, please ping me your avatar here on Discord. ​ **If you think this kind of contributions to the ecosystem are welcome, we’d appreciate a vote to carbonara 💙** ​
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