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Along with the prioritization of the DPoS milestone on the roadmap, the Lisk Research team has also published three LIPs to improve our consensus algorithm. Read the blog post here! 📰

Our Path to Changing the Voting System

Introduction to Lisk’s Research

Last February, we published a proposal to change the voting system on Lisk’s Research Forum following the Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) process. This thread has received a lot of attention and discussions. Voting and elections are a hotly debated subject in general — Lisk is no exception. Not every LIP requires a blogpost, but we feel it’s important to expand on this topic to the wider community. We’d like to thank every member of the community who has dropped by the forum to share their thoughts on the future of Lisk’s consensus algorithm.

We are happy to announce that we have published three new LIPs to achieve the “Network Consensus” roadmap milestone, at the same time incorporating community feedback.

This blog post is broken down into three main sections. In the first, we describe the properties we feel are most important for a voting system. Then, we point out areas of improvements and why the current system needs an update in the first place. In the second section, we give an overview of the proposal made last February and some proposed solutions by community members. We also explain why we have edited our roadmap to prioritize the improvement of our DPoS. In the third, we present the content of the three new LIPs and explain why we believe them to be the best solution for Lisk. Each one of the new LIPs has a dedicated thread on the research forum where it is published and discussed.

Terminology used in this blog post A delegate: any account which has expressed interest in being a block forging account. This is done by issuing a “register delegate” transaction via Lisk Hub or Lisk Commander. Any account can register as a delegate. At this time, there are 1804 registered delegates. Active delegate (for a given round): a delegate selected to forge a block and receive block rewards in this round. Vote weight: the amount of support given by a vote. Cu...
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