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5Y Ago

Binaries removed from this release until we can get verification issues sorted out.

This release contains some big first-run changes in anticipation of open beta, support for rich markup in descriptions, and a large amount of polishing changes and bug fixes.

Added Revamped first-run and reward verification for new users. Support rich markup in publishing descriptions and show pages. Release past publishing claims (and recover LBC) via the UI Added transition to card hovers to smooth animation Use randomly colored tiles when image is missing from metadata Added a loading message to file actions URL is auto suggested in Publish Page Changed Publishing revamped. Editing claims is much easier. Daemon updated from v0.13.1 to v0.14.2 Publish page now use claim_list rather than file_list Fixed Fixed bug with download notice when switching window focus Fixed newly published files appearing twice Fixed unconfirmed published files missing channel name Fixed old files from updated published claims appearing in downloaded list Fixed inappropriate text showing on searches Stop discover page from pushing jumping vertically while loading Restored feedback on claim amounts Fixed hiding price input when Free is checked on publish form Fixed hiding new identity fields on publish form Fixed files on downloaded tab not showing download progress Fixed downloading files that are deleted not being removed from the downloading list Fixed download progress bar not being cleared when a downloading file is deleted Fixed refresh regression after adding scroll position to history state Fixed app not monitoring download progress on files in progress between restarts Removed Removed bandwidth caps from settings, because the daemon was not respecting them anyway.