🚰BTT Faucet now Live on KyberSwap!

self.kybernetwork1m ago
​ https://reddit.com/link/uwlba5/video/npxf1djimd191/player We heard your feedback 😉 Our BTTC Farms are LIT 🔥but getting BTT for gas could be a pain. So since BTTC doesn’t have an official faucet, we created 1 for just our KyberSwappers! 😘 To access the faucet, simply connect your wallet on KyberSwap BTTC, click on the Menu option on the right, click on Faucet to make a request and receive 200BTT! *\*Requests can only be made ONCE per wallet.* 📚Learn more about KyberSwap x BTTC partnership [here](https://blog.kyber.network/kyberswap-leads-dex-integration-with-bittorrent-chain-providing-liquidity-and-accessibility-across-2da780082b19) Share the love: https://twitter.com/KyberNetwork/status/1529000149212868608