Missing history, 2.5+ weeks of back and forth with Kucoin support

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self.kucoin1m ago
I began trading on Kucoin last year, and none of my trade history is showing at all, either on the UI or in the API. I know I made the bulk of my trades in April-June 2021, and I think a few more in the months after that. I started a support ticket with Kucoin back on March 27. I got acknowledgement of missing transactions from a support person April 2, who said they'd start looking into restoring the records. Since then I've had a repeated loop of an automated email from support saying that the ticket has had no activity in 24 hours and that I have to reply to prevent closing the ticket, then I reply to keep it open, then an automated reply from support. I've done this loop at least 3 times, and in none of them has my trading history been restored whenever I check. What can I do to actually get my trading history to show? Chatting with Kucoin support is obviously not getting any useful action to be taken.