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Please can an admin reply to the accuracy of this post.

listing all of the building’s operating businesses. The board had no mention of KuCoin. When Wong went up to the 20th floor he did see a sign reading “Smart Team International Business Ltd.,” which was similar to a secretarial company KuCoin previously registered called “Smart Team Secretarial Ltd.”

Upon further inquiry, Wong was told by a company sharing the 20th floor, that no employees from STIB Ltd. were there because they had moved out years before.

Wong ends with a warning to anyone who has funds in KuCoin stating:

Since KuCoin is completely in stealth, and you couldn’t find them in their registered ‘office’, nor is there even a single person in their ‘office’, if KuCoin decides to exit scam on us — either by withholding our withdrawals or simply by shutting down their entire exchange and run with our money —we will have absolutely no recourse.

What do you think about the KuCoin exchange? Are Jackson Wong’s concerns exaggerated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Bitcoinist Archives, Medium.

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