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HELP: Kucoin has locked me out of my account and is not unlocking it for me even after a week of dealing with support

Series of events: 1. It started my be logging into Kucoin using my username, password and 2FA. 1. Upon logging in, I am forced to reset my password because of their recent upgrades. 1. To change the password, you must answer security answers. 1. My security answers DO NOT work. Upon researching this KuCoin password change, I learn this is common and you can reset your security questions using the KuCoin Zendesk support. 1. I create a Zendesk support ticket. 1. Someone from KuCoin support replies and asks me to provide answers to my security questions to them via email 1. I respond with the security questions answered 1. They reply again asking for account balance, trade history, and account creation date 1. I respond with my account balance, trade history, and account creation dates 1. I receive another email saying that I am using **A.######@gmail.com** to reply to them when the email registered is **A######@gmail.com**. The ONLY difference here is the dot between the A and the *. 1. I have a Gmail account where the dots in the middle DO NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I replied to them with this and even provided them a url to: **[Google Support, where they explain this](https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7436150?hl=en&ref_topic=3394657).** 1. THIS WAS THREE DAYS AGO. I still have not gotten a reply. 1. **No matter what email client I use, the sender email is set at A.######@gmail.com.** 1. I use gmail, any email I send includes the dot in the middle. The entire week my communication to them included the dot in the email but they did not bring it up until I had answered the questions successfully. KuCoin being as big as it is, I'm sure they have dealt with this before. At this point I am getting the feeling the KuCoin has stolen my money and is doing WHATEVER they can to keep me out. Is there a physical KuCoin support number someone can PM me? I have access to my email, username, password, 2FA, and log of all communication. Is there an online resource tha...
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