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Telegram extracts from "Luke" RedFOX Labs "Brand Ambassador" - If you haven't dumped your RFox yet, you will now.

MiLK\_MaN, \[09.06.21 21:55\] I've never said VFOX doesn't have a future value, if it didn't, I wouldn't be acquiring it as much as I am. I'm suggesting that the idea from the team was to hopefully draw in new capital and it didn't happen, so all that really happened is the dilution of current asset value which has indeed upset a number of established large holders. owen garnett, \[09.06.21 21:55\] the issue with token dilution could have been offset if the rfox burn was correlated to the rfox/vfox ratio.... MiLK\_MaN, \[09.06.21 21:56\] \[In reply to owen garnett\] That certainly would have been beneficial MiLK\_MaN, \[09.06.21 22:02\] I have faith that in the end we will get there, if not, I would have offloaded my significant stake in RFOX and VFOX already. I think some poor decisions have been made that I believe have been corrected or rectified already, and every business is prone to making these kinds of mistakes. What I won't accept is the constant barrage of belief that everything everyone says that is anti the directive in this telegram group is considered negative or fishing for a response. Read into it what you want, but the threats to expel people who don't toe the line goes against the original community that Redfox built which is to encourage all sorts of discussion in an open fashion Luke | RFOX Ambassador, \[09.06.21 22:19\] \[In reply to MiLK\_MaN\] That's correct Milk Man, I totally agree with you that we'll get there, as I do in regards to start-up companies making mistakes. Walmart, Google, Apple, Facebook didn't get to where they are today without making a few themselves. But you're a smart fellow, you've demonstrated on numerous occaisions. Smart enough to understand there's a right way and a wrong way to talk to people. You have your beliefs and that's great. I have mine too. Mine start by treating people with respect. Gralek, \[09.06.21 22:23\] I feel like I'm sitting in church listening to preachers. Can we please make this room excit...
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