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Komodo mentioned in CoinDesk's "The Fallacy That Blockchain Is Stuck in One Place" article.

Michael J. Casey is the chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board and a senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative.

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One of the biggest rhetorical challenges blockchain advocates confront is something I’ll call “stasism:” their critics’ false assumption that the technology is in stasis, that it will never reach its potential because, in its current state, it’s too cumbersome, expensive or inefficient.

This, I believe, is one of two flaws in a widely circulated anti-blockchain screed by Bruce Schneier, who made no reference to the ongoing work of engineers, regulators, and business leaders who are constantly improving this new value exchange system so it can eventually work at scale in the real world. (The other flaw is that in attacking the myth of a “trustless” world where “math is law,” he created a straw man, since only the most naïve proponents of this technology share that nightmare vision of a system devoid of human authority.)

But the purpose of this column is not to pick a fight with Schneier, one of the smartest, most respected minds in IT security. That strikes me as a risky undertaking.

Instead, I want to point out a few breakthroughs from the past couple of weeks that have reinforced my belief in the ongoing inventiveness of the people working in this industry and, by extension, in the technology’s vast potential. This is not, by any means, an industry in stasis.

There are no doubt countless other new ideas and breakthroughs worthy of attention that won’t get a mention here. (I’m quite certain my Twitter mentions will again fill up with people accusing me of bias for not including their favorite new coin project.) So treat these merely as examples of a much wider creative process.

What I can say is tha...

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