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How to Swap Komodo to Litecoin in BarterDEX - an atomic swap demonstration.

A quick demonstration of the capabilities of the new BarterDEX technology. How to make a cross-chain atomic swap from Komodo to Litecoin.

In the previous video we showcased the basic setup required in order to make an atomic swap in this early release GUI version. https://youtu.be/XovwcWnZ9vM

The GUI is made by Satinder Grewal, and it is meant to make testing easier.

BarterDEX is working, but it in early development phase. We have already made hundreds of atomic swaps through it. However, it will take time to develop a marketable end-user product.

For more information on BarterDEX please visit: https://barterdex.supernet.org

For more information on Komodo Platform

Go to youtube.com
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