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Banking meets Blockchain: our upcoming conference in Zürich, Switzerland

Banking meets Blockchain: our upcoming conference in Zürich, Switzerland

Together with Monaize we are holding our first exclusive event to display the competitive edge of our strategic products and discuss the ways in which we can empower you and your business to take the lead in blockchain technology.

Event Schedule

Representatives from both Monaize and Komodo will take the stage to present what we are working on. The whole event will be recorded for public release to give all our investors a feel of what is going on. The evening schedule is as follows:

20:00 Welcome drinks20:15 Angela — Intro20:20 Kadan S. — Banking Meets Blockchain20:40 Robert Miller — Head of Monaize UK21:00 Audo K. — Content Manager21:05 Jason B. — Manager21:10 Chris A. — Support Leader — Background of Komodo Platform and Monaize21:15 Angela — Outro

— — — — Intermission

21:30 QA & Networking00:00 Event is over Conference center in Zürich, Switzerland

This is a unique chance to meet both the Komodo and the Monaize team, either live or later through our youtube channel. We will seize the opportunity to take many interviews and collect a lot of info material. We are looking forward to inform our cryptocurrency community about what our teams are up to. In short, Komodo is building an open source blockchain platform for developers; Monaize has developed an easy interface for a wide range of financial services and is now rapidly growing their customer base.

Interview with Robert Miller From Monaize

The whole Monaize team will play a big part in our event. They will have several team members present and Robert Miller will talk about their product as well as our partnership in detail.

Robert Miller from Monaize

We approached Robert for a quick interview.

What are your expectations for the coming event on Friday?

I am expecting a really exciting, engaging, informative event where attendees are able to get a real feeling for Monaize and the te...

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