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Hey guys, With the cycle going the way it has, my interest in the Komodo platform has been revived after taking a good deep dive back into the tech aspects and possible applications. While I now recognize the KMD coin to be a silly moonshot investment in 2017 (I literally have only 10 which I purchased for $60-haha), the AtomicDEX seems like a really great project! The way the application is billed both as a cold wallet and as a P2P decentralized exchange is very appealing to me. For about four years now I have been using Exodus Wallet, and while I greatly appreciate the beautiful UI and simplicity, I have the typical concerns about its status as a custodial wallet. Additionally, while its exchange service is helpful, the fees have always been absolutely whacked even before Gas became prohibitively expensive for a smaller-time hodler like myself. Consequently, Binance and Coinbase have been better places to store my alts as the conversions are essentially free. The tradeoff has been lost profits from staking coins such as XTZ, and lack of support for projects like ADA with Coinbase. The inability to adjust transaction fees is also sorely missed, especially in times of high-volatility on Exodus. My coins feel pretty illiquid when it costs $100+ just to send them to an off-ramp like Coinbase. I downloaded AtomicDEX last week from GitHub and saw the benefits. I was not able to participate in the stress test in October, but I am excited to participate in the next one. That being said, I still have concerns about the actual security of the platform, particularly on desktop. How will I receive updates and how will I know they’re legit? There’s clearly a lot of work left to be done on this project, and I have concerns about moving larger amounts of money to a platform that’s essentially a work-in-progress. Some last questions for anyone in the know. How high did exchange volume get during the stress test? How fast were transactions? What was your experience? And are ...
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