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Airdrops are the future ICOs are 2018

With ICO scams thoroughly documented investors are looking for ways to mitigate excessive risks. This post focuses on the advantages of airdrops over ICOs. The maturation of the crypto market must include a more savvy investor. In years past investors were like "nice website, illustrative white paper. Shut up and take my money". This strategy works wonders in an immature market with tons of speculation, but as the market matures so does it's participants. This where airdrops come in. Benefits of airdrops: 1) project so and so say they are doing this and that. Ok prove it with an airdrop. 2) project so and so has an incentive to get token listed so it can be traded because users demand it. 3) project so and so can distribute airdrops on any ratio it determines. 4) speculation will determine the value of the project. 5) airdrops increase distribution and awareness of projects. What do you all think are you still doing ICOs? Is that a thing still?
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