p2eAll X MildangHappiness [Airdrop & Whitelist]

p2eAll X MildangHappiness [Airdrop & Whitelist]
self.klaytn1m ago
​ [ p2eAll - https:\/\/p2eall.com\/en\/ranking\/game\/list ](https://preview.redd.it/s1pmih6nm9t81.jpg?width=960&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1ac7fccfa102c8a1a7e06ac443f9dac863031d27) ▶ Event Link : [https://p2eall.com/en/ranking/game/detail/mildang\_happiness](https://p2eall.com/en/ranking/game/detail/mildang_happiness) ​ Event schedule (KST): 2022.04.13 (Wed) - 2022.04.20 (Wed) 23:59pm 🎈 How to participate: ✔ Take the action below to win \[MildangHappiness NFT-🚀\] (If you collect all of the default entry points, you will be eligible for the draw immediately ➕ Invite your friends to earn additional entry points for greater rewards! 🎁 Rewards: 🤩 MildangHappiness Free Airdrop-🎁 - Top 2 (highest entry point) 🤩 MildangHappiness Free Airdrop-🎁 - Draw for one of the action completors 😄 MildangHappiness Whitelist Ticket-🚀 - Draw 50 of the action completors 📢 Announcement of results (KST): 2022.04.21 (Thursday) 18:00pm *\*The winners will be announced via the official p2eAll Telegram.* *The winner is responsible for cancellation of the prize due to failure to comply with the information provided when announcing the winner.*