p2eAll x Klaytn games Whitelist giveaway Event

self.klaytn1m ago
​ [ p2eAll - https:\/\/p2eall.com\/en\/ranking\/game\/list](https://preview.redd.it/a04lyvp99e191.png?width=960&format=png&auto=webp&s=a687dd2053378109224d30f0a264149154fafd51) Event Link ▶ [https://p2eall.com/en/ranking/game/detail/klaytn\_games/event](https://p2eall.com/en/ranking/game/detail/klaytn_games/event) ​ **⏰ Event schedule (UTC)** :  2022. 05. 24 (Tuesday) \~ 2022. 05. 29 (Sunday) 2:59 PM **🎮Klaytn games Introduction :** Klaytn Games is an ultimate hub for blockchain gamers. People who enjoy blockchain games can discover games, participate in IGO, receive airdrops, and more. **🎈 How to participate :** ✔ Take the action below to win Klaytn games Whitelist(If you collect all of the default entry points, you will be eligible for the draw immediately) ➕Invite your friends to win additional entry points and win Klaytn games whitelist without a draw! **🎁 Rewards :** **🎮 Klaytn games whitelist :**The 20 people who have invited the most through the Refferal link. **🎮** **Klaytn games whitelist :** 40 people will be selected through a lottery **👍 Whitelist benefits :** Staking can be made up to 2,000 KLAY per person Minimum 10 MBX airdrop for 2,000 KLAY staking. **📢 Announcement of results (UTC) :**  2022. 05. 31 (Tuesday) 09:00 AM **📢 The Final Grant  :**  Qualifies the company that provides the project. \*Before The Final Grant, the winning will be canceled if the following applies:(leave p2eAll official Telegram channel, cancel p2eAll official Twitter follow, withdraw project company discode, cancel project company Twitter follow) \*The winners will be announced via the official p2eAll Telegram.The winner is responsible for cancellation of the prize due to failure to comply with the information provided when announcing the winner.