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This kittens needs our help!

It has sadly come to my attention that after 11 years, Petco and Petco Foundation has determined to terminate, without good cause, the partnership with Serenity Place Rescue.  This termination was premised upon unfounded allegations by one individual with a personal ax to grind and without investigation as to the legitimacy of the outrageous accusations made.  (This couldn’t be happening at a more inopportune time of year as kittens are springing up faster than even the flowers of the season…not that any time of year isn’t precious for these little loves.) 

 Serenity Place has been refused the opportunity to have a voice in this “bad faith” action, therefore I am asking all of you to join me in helping provide this wonderful and loving rescue group a chorus of voices loud enough for Petco and Petco Foundation to hear.  I am confident that together our voices will ring out and this horrible decision will be reversed.   THIS IS URGENT…we have very little time to have our voices heard as Serenity Place has only until the end of this month to vacate all Petco locations.

A little snippet of who and what Serenity Place Rescue is all about:  After many years a group of volunteers within shelters and other rescue organizations in the Greater Los Angeles Area saw the added assistance needed in our communities for families, and especially the elderly who found themselves unable to care for their beloved pets.  Then in 2004, Serenity Place Rescue was formed to help the abandoned, sick, injured, frightened, and homeless cats and kittens who otherwise would die on the streets.  

From the beginning, Serenity Place Rescue actively partnered with the Petco Foundation and immediately set up wonderful cat and kitten structures within local stores in the San Fernando Valley to showcase these beautiful creatures once they were fully rehabilitated and ready to go to their forever homes.  Serenity Place volunteers dedicated countless hours to the cats an...

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