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Working on a Kik bot

Hey all, since you're probably on this sub because you invested in Kin, and Kin will soon be integrated into Kik to allow for payments between people and bots, I figured I'd ask you all for some input. I currently have a bot that can return information about any cryptocurrency listed on CoinMarketCap, like price, 24 hour volume, market cap, and percent change over 1h/24h/7d. You just send it the name or symbol and it returns the info in a nice format. You can also query for coins by sending it a 'list' command (optionally with the first letters of whatever coin you're looking for to narrow the return values). I plan on having all of this available for free, but am working on figuring out features that people could optionally pay for. So far, these are my ideas: * Automatic configurable Kik notifications for when a coin hits a certain price, certain percent change, or certain volume movement * Automatic notifications of large events (a major hack, big news, important information during things like hardforks) * Automatic daily summaries of a list of coins (configurable time, frequency, and which coins) Right now, I'm thinking the rate will be around 15,000 KIN per week ($1.05 / week at current price). I'm thinking about making the rate adjustable to account for price changes, but I also don't want to make it less than a 1 week subscription. Also, maybe discounts for concurrent subscriptions (15k first week, subtract 1k each week after until it bottoms at 10k each week or something)? What are your thoughts? Suggestions? Is it an idea worth putting a couple weekends in to?
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