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Why Kin hasn't multiplied in value.

This is just a theory, but maybe it's because Kik is base in Canada. Canadians weren't allowed in the ICO as a last minute decision based on regulatory concerns. So perhaps Kik and Kin are trying not to release any good news right now so that the price of Kin stays at or below the ICO. During this time of low prices, perhaps the executives and employees of Kin and Kik are quietly encouraging their Canadian investor friends, as well as other friends, relatives, and themselves, to buy Kin. Perhaps the people at Kik know how much Kin needs to be bought by Canadians based on the pre-ICO demand estimates they got from Canadians who registered for the ICO, when they were answering the question, "How much do you plan on investing?" Another theory is that they'll weight 90 days to publicly talk about Kin being available on a market, because of the 90 day IPO quiet period that some stocks need to follow. Or they are just working really hard on the digital ecosystem, just like they say, and they're to busy to worry about small-time investors. Or some combination of these three.
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