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Why FaceBook does not matter and why KIN will Win

I see so many people on here worried about what FaceBook is doing and how they may enter the world of crypto and utilize blockchain technology, but I am here to tell you a very different story. FaceBook is done. Finished. They will soon be joining MySpace in the halls of the internet past because people are finally starting to wake up. Here is another revelation for you. FaceBook hates you. Mark Zuckerberg hates you. In fact, he actually called every one of us "Dumb F*cks" ( The only thing FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg care about is keeping you a slave to the state. They don't care about your privacy. They want you to work your 9-5 job like a good little slave and then come home exhausted spending the rest of the evening staring at your phone clicking like on your neighbors cat video while obsessively staring at your hot new co-worker's photos from last weekend. For those of you who care to do your own research, you will see that companies like FaceBook, Google, and Amazon are directly aligned, if not completely controlled and run, by deep-state organizations like the CIA ( ( ( These companies have 1 goal in mind: Spy on you, collect your data and control your life. This is why KIN will win. Facebook is never going to take an action that gives power, control, privacy or any significant amount of its profits back to its users. Its simply not designed for that. Do you think McDonald's is ever going to offer organic, non-GMO healthy food on its menu? Do you think pharmaceutical companies are ever going to offer natural products like Kratom for pain-relief at 1/100 the profit margin of the pain pill monopoly they currently control? No chance. They will go down with the ship before ever taking...
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