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What the hell is happening?

So, with prices like this, what do we do/what does Kin Foundation for us? I remember the last weekend, when KIN reached a low of 0.00000023 ETH for longer than 30 minutes. Now, we have reached a cosistent through the day 0.00000022 ETH (even $0.000048 for KIN/BTC on Mercatox). What the hell is going on? Everything else seems to rise... BTC has passed $4.800 despite iminent forks concern, ETH is above $300 and is awaiting the Byzantium hard fork, after which it will rise further, even the IOU for Tezos, after a surprising $2.53 yesterday, is at $2.11 from $1.64 just a few days ago, despite the public release being in a couple of months, but KIN... just keeps loosing WoW.
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